Newport Harbour Commissioners


Appointment of new Commissioners

Schedule of Charges

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Harbour Dues


Finance Policy

Updated December 2020


The Newport Harbour Commissioners is a body created by Statute and covered by the Newport (South Wales) Harbour Acts and Orders 1836 to 2003.

Newport Docks, Usk and estuary

Area of Jurisdiction

As defined in the Newport (Monmouthshire) Harbour Act 1890. Those parts of the Bristol Channel and Rivers Usk and Ebbw which lie between an imaginary line drawn in a S.79°W. true direction from Goldcliff until it meets the shore of the Bristol Channel eastward of the Peterstone Wentlooge Church and the bridge over the River Usk at Newbridge and the bridge carrying the South Wales Railway of the Great Western Railway Company over the River Ebbw and the banks and shores of such parts of the said channel and rivers and any works on such banks and shores and all streams, pools, creeks, havens, bays and inlets within those limits.


Safety and navigation
(as required by Port Marine Safety Code and various statutes and regulations):

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Environmental Management