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The Harbour Commissioners


The Newport Harbour Commissioners are a trust body, with statutory responsibilities for management and conservancy over an area defined by a line drawn from Goldcliff Point to Peterstone Gout and upriver to the tidal limit of Newbridge-on-Usk. The status of Trust Port makes the Commissioners a public body answerable to Government Ministers and responsible to local interests.

In accordance with the provisions of the Newport (South Wales) Harbour Revision (Constitution) Order 2003, appointments are made to the Board on an annual basis.

Newport Harbour Commissioners are looking for individuals with an interest in public service to fill these vacancies, and welcome applications from persons who consider they meet the requirements.


Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate ability and a proven track record in their chosen profession or other activities relevant to the current vacancies. Residence within a reasonable distance (i.e. 50 miles) and familiarity with local issues in the region surrounding the port are highly desirable. In order to ensure that the board has an appropriate balance of skills the ideal candidate may vary from year to year.


The Board normally meets on the second working Wednesday of each month. Additionally, ad hoc meetings are held from time to time. It is not envisaged that total duties will take up more than one to two days per month. It is expected that, by applying, applicants are making a commitment to attending regularly. The role of a Commissioner is seen as one of public duty, and as such carries no remuneration: however all reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.

Newport Harbour Commissioners are committed to the principles of public appointment based upon merit, aptitude, personal integrity, objectivity and honesty. Newport Harbour Commissioners is an equal opportunities employer.

If you are interested in being considered for these appointments, please write for an application form to: -

The Clerk, Newport Harbour Commissioners, 24 Bridge Street, Newport, NP20 4SF. (email

Alternatively you may download an application form HERE